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Empty Nesters

3 May

Graduation is getting closer. I’m sure we all get that by now.

I’m not really worried about myself in the future, I think I can handle myself at college.

I’m really worried about my parents however, who are going to turn into some strange beings.

I’ve compiled a list of activities they will end up partaking in, and my projections for them:

1. Bird watching

2. Watch every HBO series ever created

3. Walk the dog 8 times a day

4. Fix things that don’t need fixing

5. Install more shelves

Hooray, shelves!

Hooray, shelves!

6. Look at real estate listings without the intention of buying a house

7. Send me friend requests on Facebook

8. Cut down 6 more trees in the backyard

9. Re-decorate the family room and never be satisfied

10. Completely perfect the pregame announcing routine for the Mariemont Warriors

11. Spend too much time at 50 West

12. Visit me way too much

13. Re-arrange my room without my knowledge

14. Adopt a baby from China without my knowledge