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Brace yourselves… Winter Break is coming

17 Dec

You could say I’ve experienced the calm before the storm. The calm being my mother scrubbing the house, invading my bathroom to criticize my hygiene (I’m normal, I promise), and the storm being my sisters returning from their respective locations for the holiday season.

The advent calendar is nice; I happily can count how close I am to Christmas, but the real indication of when my sisters will return for the holidays is how spontaneously clean my bathroom gets.

It usually happens in the afternoon.

I sit in my room on my laptop, and I hear someone in my bathroom. I inspect, and mother is scrubbing the sinks, rearranging my toiletries, and generally being weird. For whatever reason, my bathroom has to be cleaned before my sisters arrive later that day.

I'm hygienic, I swear.

I’m hygienic, I swear.

It bugs me enough having to share my bathroom with them again, but the fact that my mom invades my domain just for the suiting of my sisters ….well that’s just wrong.