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College Stuff

26 Oct

Being the last child pretty much means a lot of independence.

But there is always that example of independence where they push the baby bird out of the nest and it can’t actually fly and then you find a dead baby bird in your back yard and the cat starts chewing on it…

And since I’m the last child my parents are sorta letting me handle all this college stuff on my own. Not a huge deal but the Common App has pretty much become the bane of my existence.

I’ve cut it close on a few deadlines already because of my independence, but I don’t think I’ll end up like a dead baby bird that my cat turns into a “present”.

But hey, I’ve trained my whole life for this independence, so things are just getting good.


Family Finance

16 Oct

Although my siblings are old and gone from home now, they have still managed to be influential factors in my life.

Not like advice giving or role model factors, but more like when we’d fight because I wasn’t allowed to play with them.

This came about when they decided to break into my online bank account (that I have never had access to) to borrow money from me.

The fact that hundreds of miles away they are allowed to get into my meager savings account and take my money is slightly upsetting.

They took all my college tuition money…now they’re taking all of my college tuition money…