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Sick Joke

30 Apr

Being the last child, your parents aren’t quite as afraid that messing with you will turn you into a shiftless hobo, or a meth tweaker, which I’m pretty sure most parents are afraid their children will turn into if they screw them up.

Naturally being the last child, and realizing this probably won’t happen (maybe), I’m the subject of quite a few sick jokes.

The other day, my dad asked if I wanted a new car.


“Check it out.”

Normally I’d recognize the unlikeliness of this being even remotely true, but a new car is something that really gets my engine revving. (shoot me)

I looked at the computer screen and started to get excited. And then he slapped me back to reality:

“Want to go to college? AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH”


Thinkin’ About College

5 Apr

Recently I toured THE Ohio State University. This stirred some controversy in my house, considering my family members’ ties to Miami. Since hearing that I visited, the family propaganda machine is in full force.

Last night I received: 

                              5 picture messages of my sister and friends enjoying Oxford

                              3 text message demands that I come to Miami

This was all on top of the calls I received several weeks ago telling me I am an idiot if I don’t go to Miami.

I’m really considering playing the bad ass card and picking a college JUST TO MAKE MY PARENTS ANGRY.