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Fend for Yourself

2 Dec

I think that school for a last child is always going to be a slightly different experience from what their older siblings faced. The main difference is parents, of course. I can still recall the painful, ear-splitting arguments at the dinner table over my sister working hard in school and when she would have weekly meltdowns about her stressful life as a high school-er.
Well, I’m in high school, and I’m starting to believe my sister deserves an Oscar. I don’t think I’ve had any big screaming matches with my parents about school, but that’s probably because they really don’t care. They’ve already done it twice, and pretty sure they don’t feel like going through handling a high school student again.
My parents don’t really bother me about my work habits and my grades (unless something drastic happens) and kind of leave my to take care of myself. The other day my dad asked, “What’s ProgressBook?”