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11 Nov

It’s probably known by now that I despise clothes shopping (see 1st post). But, if there’s anything I hate more, it’s what these clothes become: laundry. I’m fortunate enough to have my mother do my laundry (they do love me!) yet this is a double edged sword; because my mother works hard to wash and fold all my clothes, she expects me to put forth effort to unnecessarily care for these articles.

The Wreckage

And so, every week I embark on the same quest. A quest without a goal. See I find it pointless to place every article of clothing in a specified drawer, when all I do every morning is wake up, grab some clothes, and go to school. BUT MOM SAYS I NEED TO. It usually ends up with my laundry basket sitting downstairs for half of the week, so every morning I end up creeping downstairs freezing looking for clothes. By about late Wednesday they appear upstairs somehow. There they sit, creating a conglomerate of whatever is left on the floor, and clothes I haven’t pitched into the closet.

And I like it. I wake up, a mass pile of clothing stares back at me, and I begin my morning schedule.

However, by about Thursday afternoon, Mom starts threatening in whatever way possible to make me put the clothes away in a “neat and organized fashion”.

I hate laundry.